The biggest owners are the Saudi Industrial Investment Group, the Public Pension Agency and the General Organization for Social Insurance.

Scheduled maintenance is expected in 2021. Since the project requires such maintenance every five years. The maintenance process lasts for approximately two months. Note that the scheduled date may change based on the performance of the manufacturing units. The project may be subject to unplanned interruption due to emergency breakdowns or due to factors beyond the control of the company, God forbid.

Yes, Islamic Sukuk payment was completed with a total amount of 1.2 billion SAR.

The company depends on many external parties, such as electricity and cooling water, but one of the most important factors that may affect the level of production is the supply of feedstock from Aramco, which is the only source of gas.

If the company gets additional pygas from Aramco, as well as the feasibility of investment expansion, the company will increase its production capacity.